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The stock market is for all Americans. All the fortune 500 companies goes public that means the people like you and I can have some ownership in these companies by buying stock in these companies. You can invest aggressively or safe. Investing safe is for poor people. Every American is suppose to retire with a million dollars by starting to invest $50 a month in a mutual fund IRA or Roth starting at age 18 to 30. If not you will lose over $800,000.00.  Other safe investments are 401Ks and Cds (Certificate of Deposit). Investing in a Network Marketing companies to own your own businesses and the Stock Market is the beginning of wealth for you and your family.

You must be between the age of 18 to 30 start investing $50 a month in a Mutual Fund IRA or Roth to retire with a million dollars.  Starting generational wealth for your family.

Join Prime America to sell Term Insurance and Mutual Funds.  Must get a state license and get security license to sell for American Capital. Buy Term Insurance and invest what you save in Mutual Fund Roth or IRA.

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